3rd Engineer Exam 03-24-98
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3RD CLASS ENG. TEST 03/24/98


1.       How is coal burned in suspension?

2.      Name the constituents of coal and there percent.

3.      A tube 4 inches in diameter, 14 foot long, what is the heating surface?

4.      What is the required air for the common fuels?


5.      One pound of pure carbon burned completely will produce how much CO2?

6.      Why do we use soot blowers in coal plants?

7.      What is the horsepower of a duplex pump pumping 330 GPM to a head of 60 feet?

8.      What does a slide valve do in a duplex pump?

9.      Why do we heat feed water?

10.   What is a Curtis stage?  Draw the pressure/velocity diagram.

11.   What type of turbine is a Terry Turbine?

12.   Name two types of fuel analyses and describe one?

13.   Why are there two heat values of a fuel?

14.   What is 3 inches of draft in PSI or in ounces?

15.   How many BTU's in a boiler horsepower?

16.   What are the safety valve requirements on a H.R.T burning oil with 168 square feet of heating surface?

17.   Perform a hydrostatic test on a boiler?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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