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Watch Engineer/Fireman

Job Description:

Licensed Fireman needed to operate and perform routine maintenance of the Boiler Room/Cogeneration Plant, and the utility distribution system in the operation of steam, hot water, electrical generating equipment, air compressors and facilities. Some computer background needed for maintaining records, logs, charts, and reports related to plant operation.

Duties include operation, service and maintaining boilers, air compressors, pumps, fans and Natural Gas engines in the generating plant; constant surveillance and logging of all steam water levels, fuel gauges, generator voltage, ampere meters, cleaning of equipment and plant work areas; monitor instrumentation; maintain records, and other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements: 

High School or Vocational School diploma or the equivalent is required. One year experience operating high pressure boilers and Co-generation equipment, or equivalent combination of training and experience.  Basic pipefitting/welding skills a plus.

Candidate Requirements:

 2ND Class Firemanís License or higher grade is required license by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety

Please email cover letter and resume to or mail to Human Resources Office, Clark University 950 Main St., Worcester MA 01610.
AA/EOE Minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Email Resume to:


3rd Class Engineer

Job Description:

(Full-time, 12-month, AFSCME position)
Tour of Duty: 10:00pm -6:00a.m., Thursday through Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday as days off).
(Subject to Change)

Checks, inspects and monitors various types of machinery, equipment and systems such as: steam traps, heat control panels, safety valves and gauges, high and low water converters and/or steam reducing stations, gas systems, standpipes, hot water preheat or oil jackets; various types of generators such as diesel; various types of pumps and water pumping stations; pneumatic temperature and pressure control systems; electrical systems; steam and water lines and systems; motor bearing, boiler fires, air compressors, smoke stack emissions, and chemical tank levels, etc.; to ensure that assigned plant facility is operated in a safe, efficient and pollution-free manner; operates machinery and equipment such as chillers, boilers, generators, pumps and valves to ensure the provision of power; repairs, overhauls and maintains machinery and equipment in support of the boilers such as motors, pumps, and compressors by using electric hacksaws, pipe threaders and other machine shop equipment by repairing and overhauling pipes, valves, gauges, etc.; by cleaning/replacing filters, lubricating equipment; and by making minor electrical or plumbing repairs to keep equipment operating efficiently and to prevent breakdowns, and perform other duties as required.

Job Requirements: 

Possession of a Third Class or higher Stationary Engineer's license based on standards established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety and pursuant to Chapter 146 of the Massachusetts General Laws; knowledge of the types and uses of industrial type heating systems; knowledge of the types and uses of pneumatic controls used in power plant operation; knowledge of the fundamentals of electrical practice; knowledge of the types and uses of pumps used in water and fuel systems; knowledge of the methods and techniques of pipefitting; knowledge of the types and uses of chemicals used in water treatment; knowledge of the safety practices and procedures followed in power plants; knowledge of types and uses of high- and low-pressure boilers; knowledge of the principles, practice and techniques used in firing and operating high- or low-pressure coal or oil-fired boilers and their auxiliary equipment; knowledge of the proper methods for storing and handling fuels; skill in using small hand tools such as wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hacksaws and pipe threaders; ability to read, write and comprehend the English language; ability to follow written and oral instructions; ability to lift heavy objects; ability to deal tactfully with others; ability to understand and apply the laws, rules and regulations governing assigned unit activities; ability to maintain accurate records; ability to give oral instructions in a precise, understandable manner; ability to work in group situations; and all other appropriate duties as listed in the State Job

State Job Specifications are available in the Human Resources Office or on the Human Resources website -

Please apply online at

If assistance is needed, please contact the Human Resources Office at or 508-531-1324


2nd Class Fireman

Job Description:

Perform a variety of boiler room duties, primarily those with regards to firing, regulating and monitoring high pressure steam boilers and system, air compressors, and auxiliary equipment following standard practices and procedures.

Work from charts, manuals, schedules, gauges, written and verbal orders and instructions. Use various hand tools such as wrenches, scrapers, brushes, painting equipment.

Job Requirements: 

1. Perform firing, regulating and other duties incidental to operate high pressure boilers; build up and regulate pressures for transmission to various parts of the plant, depending on schedule and demand. Monitor a variety of control devices such as high temperatures and high pressure gauges, limit switches, valve, etc.; test water levels; stop, start and regulate pumps, blowers and auxiliary equipment. Read and interpret an array of pressure and water gauges, fuel meters and other control devices. Turn valves, push control buttons, manipulate levers, etc. to operate and control draft fans, water and fuel, to maintain required temperature and pressure.

2. Test boiler water daily for solids, alkalines, etc. using standardized test procedures. As required add agents, with liberal tolerances, to correct conditions. Clean boilers periodically or as needed; drain wash out, blow out and clean boiler. Scrape and clean out slag, soot, etc. Lubricate pumps, compressors, motors and other equipment to maintain efficient operation. Repair and/or replace broken valves, gauges, levers and other parts and items. Assist, as needed, in tube and core changes, electrical control repairs, etc.

3. Assist in repair and maintenance duties both in and out of boiler room. Pull motors, shafts, pack and replace bearings; replace valves, solenoids, etc.; install steam and air lines, cut, thread and anchor pipe; install fitting; anchor in approved manner.

4. Maintain required records, readings, counts, etc.

5. Requisition needed materials and equipment and items.

6. Detect and report unsafe and defective equipment and material as well as unusual situations to supervisor. Observe and obey all safety rules, practices and procedures. Wear and employ all safety equipment and devices. Maintain work area and equipment in a neat and orderly manner. Perform other similar or related duties as required or requested.

7. Regular and reliable attendance is a requirement of the job.

Candidate Requirements:

 2ND Class Firemanís License is required license by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety

Email Resume to:



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