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Third Class Engineer

Job Description:

The Company is currently seeking an experienced Operator Technician 4 for its MASSPOWER facility in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts. The Operator Technician 4 is responsible for operating, maintaining and monitoring the status of all power plant systems from the field on a continuous basis. The Operator Technician 4 responds to alarms by taking appropriate corrective actions and executes plant shut-down and start-up procedures in addition to maintenance procedures as required. The Operator Technician 4 assures that the plant meets its generating requirements while operating in a safe and efficient manner reporting directly to his/her immediate Shift Supervisor.

Job Requirements: 

• Work with team members to meet the facilities established safety, environmental, operating and maintenance goals and objectives.
• Perform operational activities required to support start-up, shutdown, and normal operation of plant equipment and systems.
• Report equipment conditions or other facility anomalies that could affect the plant status to the Shift Supervisor, Operations & Maintenance Supervisor and/or Plant Manager.
• Make entries in the operating logs, environmental records, and other administrative documentation needed to support the operation and maintenance of the facility.
Respond to abnormal operating situations in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.
• Complete routine cycle chemistry testing and make the necessary adjustments needed to operate within the established facility operating parameters.

Candidate Requirements:

 3rd Class Engineer's License is required license by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety

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Millbury MA Plant

 Shift Supervisor 2nd Engineer's License

Wheelabrator Technologies operates 15 waste-to-energy facilities and four independent power production facilities located across the United States. By generating clean, renewable energy, we are leading the way in reducing America’s dependence on traditional fuels. We’ve been nationally recognized for our positive impact on the environment, and our facilities actively participate in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program as Star Worksites, making Wheelabrator one of the most safety-conscious employers in the country. To learn more please visit us at:

Job Description:

• Responsible for directing and supervising Operations Department and other personnel to ensure the facility is operated and maintained in a clean, safe and efficient manner during duty hours.
• Maintains and enforces Company policies and procedures, environmental compliance, and safety and health requirements.
• Trains shift personnel in safety procedures and equipment use, plant operating procedures, and environmental standards and compliance. Implements corporate and plant training programs and ensures continued progress in the programs by shift personnel.
• Responsible for the enforcement and administration of the lockout/tagout system, confined space entry program, and welding and cutting permits.
• Performs other administrative duties such as conducting performance appraisals, completing disciplinary forms, accident and equipment damage reports, approval of timesheets, and documentation of attendance and tardiness.
• Creates work requests through the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
• Maintains an accurate log of facility operations, activities, and events.
• Makes frequent rounds of the facility to ensure proper operation of equipment, materials storage and handling, facility security, cleanliness, safety, and environmental compliance.
• Serves as the Plant Manager’s representative during periods when upper management is off-site.
• Writes reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals as required or directed by facility operations
• Decisively and effectively directs personnel during all situations.
• Completes the Corporate and Plant Training Programs within the time frame prescribed.
• Responsible for maintaining acceptable plant morale.
• Fosters and promotes a culture of teamwork between operational staff and all other plant staff.
• Ensures that the facility and all personnel operate safely at all times and promotes an environment whereby safety is a priority. Follows and ensures staff follows standard safety procedures, corrects safety and environmental hazards.
• Reads, understands, and applies information such as, lockout/tagout procedures, safety rules, job hazard analyses, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
• Communicates clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing; as well as communicates clearly whether using in-situ intercom system, two-way radio or face to face.
• Anticipates typical problems, identifies potential or recurring problems, and takes appropriate action. Troubleshoot equipment and assists in diagnosing problem areas.
• Operates other equipment including, but not limited to, industrial forklifts, manlifts, skid steer type loaders, and other mobile equipment.
• Thoroughly and promptly investigates any accidents or near misses in conjunction with management team to ensure that any unsafe practices or conditions are addressed and eliminated immediately.
• Ability to operate scale which is utilized in calculating incoming waste stream; ability to identify and classify various waste streams so as to insure safe plant operations.
• Responds and reports to work during off hours when emergency assistance or repairs are required.
• Travels to other facilities with-in the Company when technical support is required.
• Assumes increased levels of responsibility when required or requested. Performs lesser skilled duties when required or requested.
• Works overtime.
• Works rotating shifts.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities
• Supervises staff of 3 - 20 employees depending on Plant size.

Candidate Requirements:

• Bachelors or Associates degree or equivalent, preferably in power plant operations.
• Naval or Maritime experience.
• ASME QRO provisional license and appropriate MA state licenses.
• Previous experience as a Shift Supervisor, preferably in a waste to energy facility.
• Thorough knowledge of turbines and steam systems theory.

Other Knowledge, Skills or Abilities Required
• Microsoft Office Suite or other Word processing and Spreadsheet programs.
• Outlook (email and calendar management systems)
• Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS: TabWare, etc.).
• Other computer systems as required.

• Initiative to work independently.
• Delegate tasks and ensure follow through.
• Lead others.
• Foster and work within an environment of teamwork and cooperation.
• Effectively supervise people.
• Manage a diverse workforce and effectively promote Diversity.
• Train and share expertise with others.
• Maintain a positive attitude.
• Manage stressful situations professionally. Contribute to positive team spirit and enhance plant morale.
• Accept both positive and negative constructive feedback from others and make adjustments to performance based on such feedback.
• Demonstrate respect and sensitivity for cultural/work style and learning style differences.
• Treat people with respect.
• Work ethically and with integrity at all times and require the same from staff.

Physical Demand
• Stand
• Sit
• Walk
• Handle tools, equipment; fine motor skills.
• Reach with hands and arms.
• Climb and walk on heights often greater than 4 feet.
• Stoop, kneel, bend, push, pull, and crawl.
• Ascend and descend stairs and stationary vertical ladders as part of normal work activity and emergency egress situations.
• Lift 50 lbs.
• Move about all areas of the plant, including catwalks, deck grating, wet and muddy areas, and uneven surfaces.
• Close vision, distance vision, able to adjust focus, corrected or otherwise.
• Operate a 1.5 inch fire hose operating at 125 PSI line pressure to the extent required to extinguish fire.
• Operate fire extinguishing equipment ranging from hand held extinguishers to 200 lbs. portable units
• Access confined spaces and pressure vessels through standard 12” by 16” manways.

PPE Required
Work in areas under adverse conditions that may require the donning and use of personal protective equipment including, but not limited to, the following with average fatigue:

• Negative pressure respirator.
• Positive pressure respirator.
• Self-contained breathing apparatus (steel or composite bottle).
• TYVEK suit.
• Hardhat
• Approved safety shoes.
• Eye protection.
• Rubber suit and gloves.
• Chemical resistant suit.
• Heat resistant outerwear.
• Flame resistant outerwear.
• Approved hearing protection.
• Gloves
• Safety harness.

Environmental Conditions
Listed below are key points regarding environmental demands and work environment of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.
• Required to use motor coordination with arm, hand, finger, and leg dexterity. 
• Required to exert physical effort in handling objects more than 40 lbs. frequently.
• Requires pushing, pulling, bending, twisting and lifting up to 40 lbs.
• Normal setting for this job is outdoors.
• Will be exposed to a physical environment, which involves dirt, odors, noise, weather extremes or similar elements most of the workday.
Note: The level of physical effort may vary from site to site and in some cases be greater or lesser than documented here.

At Wheelabrator Technologies, each eligible employee receives a competitive total compensation package including Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance and Short Term Disability. As well as Company match on 401K, and more! Our employees also receive Paid Vacation, Holidays, and Personal Days. Please note that benefits may vary by site.
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