2nd Engineer Written 02/15/02
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2nd Class Engineer Written Test 02/15/2000


1.     What’s the operating principle of an air ejector?

2.     What is meant by static balancing and dynamic balancing in regards to turbines?

3.     Explain the zeolite water softener process.

4.     Why do we make sure our soot blowers are aligned properly?

5.     If you had an excess amount of excess air how would this cause incomplete combustion?

6.     What qualifications are needed to sit for a 2nd class engineer’s exam?

7.     How would you find the safe working pressure of a cleaver brooks boiler, all the tags are missing and there is no manufacturer’s data available?

8.     What qualities would you look for when ordering turbine lube oil?

9.     How would preheating your feed water increase the efficiency of the plant?


10.  Perform an over speed trip test on a turbine.

11.  Name the safety devices needed on a turbine.

12.  What’s a boiler “vortex eliminator” and were would you find one in a boiler?

13.  What’s the purpose for a syncroscope?

14.  How many cubic yards are in 3ft by 3ft by 3ft?

15.  Define Tensile strength, Yield point, Elastic limit, Elongation, Reduction of area.

16.  What’s the difference between a repair and a routine repair?

17.  What are the contents listed in an operator’s log book?

18.  Explain the operation of a speed governor with a primary relay.

19.  What’s the firing rate of a boiler that produces 280,000 LB/hr of steam at 600 psia and 750*f the feed water temp is 320*f ,the boiler is 78% efficient and the heating value of the fuel is 148,000 Btu/gallon with a specific gravity of 7.8?

20.  How would you know if a welder were qualified to do a legal weld on your boiler?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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