1st Class Firemanís Exam. 1/15/02
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1st Class Firemanís Exam.  1/15/02

  1. A steam driven feed pump with a 3 inch O.D. inlet what license is needed to operate?
  2. What does excessive excess air do to CO2 readings and boiler efficiency?
  3. Define-Natural draft

                 -Forced draft

                 -Induced draft

                 -Balanced draft


  1. Give two reasons gas is used for a pilot?
  2. What is sensible heat?
  3. What is  -Latent heat  -Specific heat
  1. What is the discharge per stroke of a 6-8-12 simplex pump?
  2. What is the amount a safety valve must relieve?
  3. What are the safety devices needed on a boiler?
  4.  State method for determining boiler horsepower?
  5.  Is there more than 1 type of fusible plug? Explain?
  6.  Which form of heat transfer is predominate in-water walls  tube and shell heaters  -air preheater
  1.  Set the valves on a duplex pump in detail?
  2.  What is specific gravity?
  3.  What do the stamps S,M,L,V stand for?
  4.   Is there a difference between relief and safety valves? Explain?
  5.   What is an air preheater an where is it located?
  6.   Why are hand holes and manholes oval?
  7.   What is a reducing valve?

   20.    Describe two heating systems?

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