Blow down a high-pressure boiler with two blow down valves?

Blow down a gauge glass and water column?

How does a blow down tank work?

What temperature comes out of blow down tank?

Explain how two types of safety valves work?

Who should look at a boiler that is out of state to come into Mass.?

Explain a Kingsbury thrust bearing?

How are condensers supported?

Perform an over speed trip test?

What speed will turbine trip at?

Name some ASME symbols and where you would find them?

What info is on safety valve tag?

Who can do welding repairs on high-pressure boilers?

What does Mass. License person have to do welding on pressure piping?

Name some turbine trips?

Explain section in 146 for continuous, non-continuous and periodic operation?

When can boiler safety valves be set at 20% above MAWP--two in Mass?

Perform a boiler efficiency test?

How would you order a boiler feed pump, steam driven?

What would you think about before ordering an economizer?

What is the average efficiency of water tube boiler, condensing turbine and non-condensing turbine?

Name two largest thermal losses in a steam plant?