2nd Engineer Exam  May 18th 1999  Brockton Conference Center


1.    Match the terms with the definitions.  All definitions given.  A. Erosion, B. Corrosion, C. Enthalpy, D. Entropy, E. Tensile strength, F. Tensile stress, G. Fatigue, H. Fracture.

2.    Match the terms with the definitions.   A. yield point B. toughness C malleability D. elastic limit. E. Buckling F. Plastic deformation. G. Creep H. Torsion Stress. All definitions given.

3.    Match the terms with the definitions. A. Inductance. B. Resistance. C. Capacitance. D. Magnetism. E. Potential difference, H. work,  I. Heat J. Therm. All the definitions are given.

4.    At what temp and pressure does a boiler have to operate at to be considered a Power Boiler under the ASME code for Power Boilers?

5.    What are six causes of turbine vibration?

6.    What is the purpose of shroud bands on gas turbines and on steam turbines?

7.    What is meant by blowdown on a safety valve? What is the minimum and maximum blowdown on a steam safety valve?

8.    What is the popping point tolerance for a 250lb. Steam safety valve?

9.    A picture of a thrust bearing, what kind is it? And describe its construction and operation.

10.    What are six ways a surface condenser will gradually loose vacuum?

11.     On a turbine, the control valves are operated by a beam driven by a cam gear. How does this reduce throttling losses explain fully?

12.    Explain what happens to the steam pressure and velocity in each part of a velocity compound Curtis  Stage?

13.    The third law of Thermodynamics is. A. Newton's Law, B. Boyls Law, C. Charles Law, D. Boltzmens Law.

14.     Who is qualified to change the set pressure on a steam pop safety valve?

15.    Can a qualified welder do any welding repair on a boiler? Explain fully.

16.    Define fully the term Rotor Long.

17.    What would cause a turbine shaft to be bowed? A. Turning gear binding, B. Improper cool down of the turbine, C.      D.   

18.    How much expansion on a beam 33 feet long 50 degree Celsius raise coefficient is ten times ten to the negative six?

19.    What is the BDHP with steam at 1200 btus. 150,000 steam flow, and feed water 230 degrees. Factor of evaporation is not known.

20.    A boiler generates 5,000,000 lbs. Of steam per day. The CBD blowsdown 5%. The temp of the feed water is 400 degrees. How much water is blown down per day, and what is the BTU loss?



Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.