3rd Engineer Exam 03-24-98
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3RD CLASS ENG. TEST 03/24/98


1.        How is coal burned in suspension?

2.        Name the combustible constituents of coal and there percent?

3.        A tube 4 inches in diameter 14 foot long what is the heating surface?

4.        What is the required air for the common fuels?


5.        1 lb. of pure carbon burned complete will produce how much co2?

6.        Why do we use soot blowers in coal plants?

7.        What is the horsepower of a duplex pump pumping 330 GPM to a head of   60 feet?

8.        What does a slide valve do in a duplex pump?

9.        Why do we heat feed water?

10.     What is a Curtis stage ,draw the pressure diagram?

11.     What type of turbine is a terry turbine?


12.     Name two types of fuel analyses and describe one?

13.     Why are there two heat values of a fuel?

14.     Convert  3 inches of draft to PSI. 

15.     How many BTU’s in a boiler horsepower?

16.     What are the safety valve requirements on a H.R.T. burning oil with 1668 square feet of heating surface?

17.     Can you have a internal pipe on a safety valve?

18.     Perform a hydrostatic test on a boiler?

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Remember it is how the applicants remembered the questions. Note: Exams are not the original content may be different.

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