2nd Fireman Written 02/01/2003
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2nd Fireman's Written Exam 02/01/2003


1.)  What is a bag?   What to do if you have one ?

2.)  How do you know if a boiler is ok to operate ?

3.)  What is priming?   What do you do to correct it ?

4.)  What is foaming?   What do u do to correct it ?

5.)  What is an open feed water heater?

6.)  What is a closed feed hater heater?


7.)  What do you do if the water level in a boiler is low?

8.)  What does a safety valve do?

9.)  How is draft measured?

10.)  How do you relieve a fireman?

11.)  How does a single element feed water regulator work?

12.)  212 deg minus 32 deg is what type of heat?

13.)  How do you start a centrifugal pump?

14.)  Describe the four things on top of a  boiler left to right? (drawing of a scotch marine boiler)

            a)  feed water    b)  non return  c)  manhole     d)  safety valve


15.)  Describe the construction and operation of a single tube lifting injector?

16.)  What is the difference between a rotary pump and a centrifugal pump?

17.)  What occurs when the water feed pump gets vapor lock? Describe?

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